Spray Tanning

The private booth where your spray tan magic will happen!
The private booth where your spray tan magic will happen!

Single beBronzed session – $40


beBronzed Packages

2 beBronzed sessions – $70 (1 month expiration)

3 beBronzed sessions – $100 (1 month expiration)

4 beBronzed sessions – $130 (2 month expiration)


BLACKOUT (Competitive spray tanning) – $95 (3 sessions)


Useful Information on Spray Tanning

BEFORE… Do EXFOLIATE! This ensures that your tan adheres to the skin and it will last longer. SHAVE, with a nice new razor. Do NOT use bar soaps (Dove, Oil of Olay, etc) as they dry out your skin.



Do NOT wear makeup, have a fresh clean face. Do NOT use a moisturizer, the solution/tan will adhere to it and not your skin! Do NOT wear deodorant! Do NOT wear perfumes, they can leave you splotchy where the perfume is on your skin. I want you to have the best possible results, so take note of these “Do NOT’s”.


The DO’s….

Wear dark colored, LOOSE clothing. We want the tan to be on you, not your clothes. Wear flip flops, avoid those weird tan lines on your feet. Bring a dark colored bathing suit to wear while being sprayed (or not. I, personally, prefer NO lines of any type!). Bring an umbrella… just in case it’s raining!


After Care for your spray tan…. 

Please do not do ANY activity that will cause your body temperature to rise (work out, dance, yoga, and yes… even sex). NO SWEATING! Sweating will cause your tan to “bleed/run”, and then you will  be streaky! Not a good look! You can do a warm water rinse (NO soap) after 8 hours. You will see the cosmetic bronzer rinse away, however your tan is still developing! The closer to 24 hours you wait… the more developed your “tan” will be. DO NOT EXFOLIATE! You will “scrub” your tan away. And last but not least…. MOISTURIZE! Moisturize, Moisturize! The more hydrated your skin is, the longer your “tan” will last! remember that every skin is different and reacts differently so, a hydrated skin should keep a spray tan for approximately 2-3 weeks, fading gradually during that time period. I do have a maintenance care kit available for retail.


For BLACKOUT sessions – Multiple applications are necessary to achieve the desired color for stage. For example, if your event is on a Saturday, this would be a recommended schedule:

*Thursday (10 am) 1st full body spray

*Friday (9 am) warm water rinse (10 am) 2nd full body spray

*Saturday (9 am) warm water rinse (10 am) 3rd full body spray

*** warm water rinse ONLY between sprays is recommended to avoid any unwanted stripping of color!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please call or contact me via email!